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About Jose de Escandon Elementary

Jose de Escandon Elementary School first opened its doors on February 19, 1979. We presently serve over 400 students in Pre-Kindergarten through Fifth Grades. This includes students participating in McAllen ISD's Regional Day School Program for the Deaf elementary school program.
At Escandon Elementary, we pride ourselves on being a campus that truly cares about nurturing and developing the whole child. Not only do our teachers provide students with a high-quality education, they also guide students in developing the social and emotional skills necessary to be successful in life. 

Our school’s name originated from a Spaniard, Jose de Escandón, who was born at Soto de Marina in 1700 .  At the age of fifteen he left his home and had crossed the Atlantic Ocean bound to Merida, Yucatan; were he immediately enlisted in the Spanish Army as a cadet in the Compañía de Caballeros Montados Encomenderos.


In 1734, as a sergeant major, he received a commission from the inhabitants of San Miguel el Grande authorizing him to head an expedition against the Indians in the territory surrounding that place.  On the first three expeditions, Escandón captured four hundred prisoners whom he treated with great consideration, thereby creating in them respect which they never before experienced from Spanish soldiers.


Six years later, he attained the rank of colonel and one year after that he was made Teniente de Capitan General of Sierra Gorda.


On September 3, 1746, he was named lieutenant to the viceroy on the coast of Seno Mexicano, conquistador capitán general and governor of the providence of Nuevo Santander.  His reputation was well established in the vicinity of Queretaro where he maintained his headquarters for twenty years, married into a prominent family and acquired the foundation of a fortune.  


Although the story of Jose de Escandón’s work in the province of Nuevo Santander is one which was not originally emphasized in the history of Texas, his work is a very fundamental part of the beginning of the Rio Grande Valley.  


From 1748 to 1755, Jose de Escandón settled more than 20 towns and villages along the Rio Grande and other areas of what was then called New Spain, including the colony of Santander. For his efforts, he has been called the father of the lower Rio Grande Valley.    

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