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'Escandon Germinators' Garden Club


The Escandon Germinators is a gardening club that lets students learn about horticulture through hands-on experiences.  We plant a variety of fruits and vegetables, and care for our crops until they are ready to be harvested. While we are anxiously waiting  for our crops to grow, we use a Junior Master Gardener curriculum where students learn about plants, what they need to thrive, how plants provide for our needs, and how to work together to successfully care for our garden. Once we harvest our crops, we try eating them fresh and learn what types of tasty dishes we can make with them as well! 


We would like to thank our amazing community partners for donating to our school in order to make our garden possible.  Thank you to Lowe’s ToolBox for Education grant, Texas A&M Agrilife Extension grant, and the LGEG grant, and the volunteers from First United Methodist Church, McAllen who helped us build our garden!!


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Sponsor: Whitney Hellums